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Meet Colonel Craig Wilcox

Retired Air Force Colonel and current McHenry County Board Member Craig Wilcox is running for State Senate to bring independent leadership to the legislature. Craig lives by these three core principles: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. After answering the call to serve our country, Craig has now chosen to serve his community. He will take his values and proven leadership skills to Springfield, where he will continue to fight for the taxpayers as he did on the McHenry County Board. Craig's competence and dedication to duty will be a source of needed inspiration to enact true reforms in Springfield.



I want to stop the mass exodus from Illinois and turn our state back into a destination for families and businesses to put down roots and grow. As your state senator, my top priorities would be to lower taxes and reform our broken pension system.

Lower Taxes

Illinois taxpayers need relief. The 32 percent income tax increase the state legislature enacted this summer will hike bills for every family in McHenry County - increases of $486 to $912 in various communities. It is unacceptable for state government to balance the budget on the backs of taxpayers. We must lower taxes and balance the budget with spending reforms.

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Pension Reform

Illinois’ current pension model is unsustainable. We need pension reform that is fair to both the state workers who have earned their retirement, and taxpayers who can no longer afford to fund the system. We can start to bring down the financial burden by putting new workers on self-managed plans that combine public and private contributions and match employee fees.

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