Property Taxes

Homeowners in Lake and McHenry Counties pay the highest property taxes in the nation. Families are being driven out of our communities and seeing their home values destroyed. A hard cap at one percent of home value would force local governments to set fair and sustainable rates that don’t rob homeowners of their equity.

Population Loss

High taxes are causing people to flee the state at an alarming rate. Illinois needs lower taxes, less regulations and leaders committed to passing desperately needed reforms in order to bring jobs and people back to our state.

Pension Reform

Illinois’ current pension model is unsustainable. We need pension reform that is fair to both the state workers who have earned their retirement, and taxpayers who can no longer afford to fund the system. We can start to bring down the financial burden by putting new workers on self-managed plans that combine public and private contributions and match employee fees.


There is an unfortunate lack of honesty and transparency from the elected officials in Springfield who are supposed to be working on behalf of taxpayers. We need courageous public servants who are willing to turn the tide.