Senator Pamela Althoff Endorses Craig Wilcox for IL Senate District 32 Seat

by Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox | Oct. 8, 2018, 11:37am

McHenry, Illinois – September 28, 2018 - Senator Pamela Althoff announced today that she endorsed Craig Wilcox to be appointed as her replacement as the State Senator representing the 32nd District and for his campaign for the seat in the November 6th election.

Althoff said, "It is my honor to announce my endorsement of Craig Wilcox to serve as the next Senator representing the 32nd District. I am immensely grateful and honored to have served the constituents of the 32nd District for the last 16 years, and I look forward to returning home to McHenry and serving on the County Board. My years of service were some of the best years of my life, and I hope that Craig Wilcox finds his time in the Senate to be as fulfilling as I did. I believe that Craig Wilcox is the right person for this job. He has the experience, having served honorably as a high-ranking officer in the United States Air Force and as a valued member of the McHenry County Board to serve the people of Lake and McHenry Counties in the Illinois Senate."

Craig Wilcox responded that he is "honored to have the endorsement and support of Senator Pamela Althoff to succeed her as the next State Senator representing the wonderful 32nd District. Senator Althoff has gained the esteem and praise of her Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle through her resourcefulness and bipartisanship, and the people of McHenry are fortunate to have her returning home to represent them on the County Board. I know that she will do just as great of a job on the County Board as she did in the Illinois Senate."

Althoff continued by saying that "Craig's service in the Air Force and on the County Board has demonstrated that he possesses the integrity that is necessary for this job. He has demonstrated his willingness to place service to our community before himself. Craig is a leader and has assured me that he will strive for excellence in his work in Springfield on behalf of our community."