Legalized real estate theft: home equities being 'stolen' Wilcox warns

by Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox | Aug. 23, 2018, 12:00pm

Craig Wilcox fears the worse may be yet to come in regard to Illinois’ shrinking population.

“If something doesn't dramatically change, then it is clear that this trend of hard-working people leaving and taking their talents and their tax dollars with them will continue to spiral out of control,” Wilcox told the Lake County Gazette. “The property taxes that Lake and McHenry County residents have to pay are outrageous. We see the direct effect as for-sale signs sprout up on front lawns throughout the district like dandelions.”

A new survey recently found that Illinois residents now pay the second highest property taxes in the country, fueling a domestic migration crisis that recently saw the state losing at least one resident every 4.6 minutes and nearly 643,000 over an eight-year period.

“The ultimate consequence of this exodus is that the residents who remain are expected to shoulder the tax burden as more and more around them continue to flee,” said Wilcox, running as a Republican against Mary Mahady to replace retiring state Sen. Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) in the 32nd Senate District. “In turn, this only exacerbates the problem of trying to make Illinois attractive and competitive again.”

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