Hard to find 'ray of positive light' since last year's huge income tax increase, Wilcox says

by Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox | Jul. 12, 2018, 10:20am

The state is no better off now, a year after the record-breaking income tax hike pushed through by the Democrat-controlled Illinois General Assembly and there appears to be no end in sight, a McHenry County board member running for state Senate said during a recent interview.

"It is difficult to find a ray of positive light to shine from what the General Assembly has produced in the year since they took more hard-earned money from an already overtaxed people," Craig Wilcox, who represents District 4 on the McHenry County board and is running to represent Illinois state Senate District 32, said during a McHenry Times interview. "For too many residents it was the last straw. Increases that seem marginal to these politicians are devastating to many Illinoisans who don't enjoy the benefit of busting their budgets as the General Assembly does each year. The unfortunate result is that these conditions are forcing people to flee this state. Families are being separated because of the economic conditions created exclusively by the Illinois Democratic Party."

The promises of reforms to follow that income tax hike have not been realized, Wilcox said. 

"Economic growth has stagnated and reversed since the implementation of the income tax increase one year ago," he said.

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