Wilcox seeks to make government spending a core issue

by Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox | Apr. 10, 2018, 12:45pm

Craig Wilcox wants to bring back to Illinois politics the level of honor he’s always prided himself on standing for.

“Leaders have an obligation to take action; more importantly, elected officials should be morally obligated to first ensure safety and well-being of the person or persons who have been mistreated in any way by anyone within their sphere of influence,” Wilcox recently posted on his Facebook page. “Associates must have trust in the system and believe that they can confide in their leader and know that proper actions will take place in a timely manner.”

Wilcox, a member of the McHenry County board running to replace retiring state Sen. Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) in District 32, knows all about honor and commitment.

The McHenry County native was in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years, retiring as a colonel.

“I believe in almost every circumstance, transparency is paramount when acting as a public servant,” Wilcox added in his Facebook post. “Public servants must be as loyal to their subordinates, as they are to the very public that put them there. All too often, situations like these are mishandled, and the leaders appear as if they have been caught off guard in some way, when the reality is, the issues percolated behind closed doors and leaders have not taken action for far too long.”  

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