Senate candidate Wilcox aims to bring transparency to Springfield

by Elect Colonel Craig Wilcox | Apr. 17, 2018, 12:05pm

Retired Air Force Col. Craig Wilcox sees his no-nonsense nature as being just the right strategy for rescuing Illinois from its long-existing doldrums.

“Homeowners in Lake and McHenry counties pay the highest property taxes in the nation,” Wilcox posted on his website. “Families are being driven out of our communities and seeing their home values destroyed. A hard cap at 1 percent of home value would force local governments to set fair and sustainable rates that don’t rob homeowners of their equity."

Soaring population losses are also another bone-of-contention for the 24-year military veteran.

“High taxes are causing people to flee the state at an alarming rate,” he added in another post. “Illinois needs lower taxes, less regulations, and leaders committed to passing desperately needed reforms in order to bring jobs and people back to our state.”

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